My primary motivation is the satisfaction you experience when you can solve a complex problem. The storage of information in structures like databases, small or big ones, have fascinated me since I discovered the possibilities of informatics on PC level.


Until now I have combined giving trainings with doing projects. Through my social character I’m glad to share my knowledge with others. The market of trainings is rather susceptible to economic fluctuations and which, in addition, prevent me from taking part in projects that need a certain continuation. That is the reason why I decided to give priority rather to projects than to trainings.


▪ More than 20 years of experience in informatics, in different areas of operating systems, databases and development environments .

▪ Through my long working experience in many and different, big organizations I adapt quickly and have a good understanding with my colleagues.

▪ Making of the necessary documentation and procedures is interesting to me.

▪ Analyzing and solving problems is always a challenge where I can put all my effort in and find much satisfaction.


2008 ITIL V3.0 Foundation Certified (EXIN)

2007 Fellow in Judicial Expertises (Vlaamse Ingenieurskamer – Wommelgem)

2003 Work analysis of administrative processes (SBM – Brugge)

1980 ing Electronica (KIH – Oostende)


▪ Dutch: Mother tongue

▪ English: Good knowledge mainly by giving trainings and coaching in English

▪ French: Good knowledge, worked more than 10 years as employee in a French

▪ German: Notions, sufficient to understand a technical text and have a plain conversation

speaking company, later on improved by giving training and coaching


I am also available for assignments abroad.


▪ Database administration: of SQL server 7.0 to 2012, MS Access

▪ BI tools of MS SQL Server:

o Integration Services (ETL tool)

o Analysis Services (for building cubes)

o Reporting Services: reporting tool

▪ Operating systems: Good knowledge of Windows, experience with Unix.

▪ Programming languages: SQL, VBA, VB.Net

▪ Very good knowledge of current MS Office applications


▪ Belgian, born on the 16th of September 1958 in Wervik

▪ Address: Nieuwstraat 66 – 8940 Wervik

▪ Tel : 056/55.78.13

▪ E-mail: martin.deleu@de-co.be

▪ Single, father of two daughters (bio ir (1982) en journalist (1987))

▪ Amateur photographer

▪ Sports: jogging, MTB, tennis, sailing

▪ Member of Kiwanis Roeselare I